Discover Valencia in a fun and ecological way 

Kilometers of bike lanes await in Valencia to run them at your own pace. Get on one of our high-end bicycles or scooters and just let yourself go!

German bike

The most comfortable and resistant to travel the entire city

Up to 2h: 4€
Up to 4h: 6€
Whole day: 10€
(from opening to closing)
24h: 15€
Extra day: 10€
Child chair: 5€

Classic bike

Smaller, perfect for
the whole family

Up to 2h: 4€
Up to 4h: 6€
Whole day: 10€
(from opening to closing)
24h: 15€
Extra day: 10€
Child chair: 5h


Electric scooter,
urban and ecological fun

Up to 1h: 9€
Up to 2h: 16€
Whole day: 29€
(from opening to closing)

Menta bikes include

Bottle of water

City map


Charger for scooter


Front and rear lights

Front basket

Traffic rules


Located in the heart of Valencia, we are available to assist the traveler and provide everything you need to create a complete experience. 

Rent a bike with us and enjoy your stay in a fun and ecological way. 

We have a fleet of high-end German classical bikes, bikes of different size, also for kids and accessories included, besides electric scooters.

We offer the traveler a comprehensive attention and a place of welcome to plan your visit in Valencia: tickets, maps, information…
Count on us to know the city!

What to do in Valencia

Discover other experiences that you can enjoy in Valencia:
tours, visit great monuments with us, sale of tickets. 


Menta Bikes
C/Guillem del Rei, 1
(at the Tapineria Market)
Hours: L-D 9-14 y de 16-19 horas
Phone: 963584982
Whatsapp: 680484887

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Frequent questions

When I make the payment of the service?

At  the beginning, with the signature of the rental contract 

What do I need for the movility rental?

For bikes: present an id or passport and a deposit of 150$ per group

I need a reservation?

It´s always better to make a previous reservation to assure the availability.  You can reserve on this phone number: 965584982, sending an email to or directly visiting our store. You´ll need to indicate the number of bikes, the pick up time and a contact phone number.

Can I rent for more than one day?

Of course, you´ll get a better offer. 

I cannot deliver the bike today for lack of time, it has a surcharge?

Yes, the late delivery of the vehicle will have an overload proportional to the time overcome (for delays of more than an hour a penalty of 10$ must be paid plus the amount of the current rate for the delay period).

Can I return the bike before the agreed time?

Yes, anytime during the opening hours but we warn that we do not refund the difference. 

Who is in charge of damages caused during the rental period?

the customer is responsible when signing the contract for the damages caused during the rental, unless they are due to material failures or age of the components.

Where can I circle? 

You can drive along the bike lane, the road and the cycle streets. Type a bicycles and scooters can circulate on pedestrian streets adjusting their speed to that of pedestrians. Download here the mobility ordinance of the valencia city council.
Circling through highways and sidewalks is prohibited.

What the rental includes?

The rental includes helmet, locker and a map. 

Do I need a helmet?

For the bikes (classic and electric) no, it is required for an specific type of scooter (under penalty of 200$ fine).

Can I leave the scooter in other place?

No, the start and return must be in store. 

Do you have child chair for the bike? 

Yes, we have (up to 22kg). Has an extra cost of 5$ per day. 

What autonomy do scooters have?

Scooters have an autonomy of 25km. approximately. We will give you the charger for free.